Loft services

Loft Services

Many people forget about the vast space they could have if only their loft was more accessible. A loft that has easy access via a good sized hatch and a loft ladder is invaluable.
Loft services

Loft Ladders

Why struggle with step ladders that are unfixed, to get your belongings in to the loft, when you can have a good quality loft ladder offering safe access to your loft and that folds neatly away inside the hatch space.
Loft services

Loft Hatches

How many times have you gone to put something out of the way in the loft, for example the holiday suitcase that you only use once a year, only to find that it doesn’t fit through the hatch? A bigger hatch will make life much easier. Not only will you yourself be able to fit through it, enabling you to utilise the whole loft instead of just your arm length around the hatch, but you will also be able to put larger items up there for safe keeping.

Loft Boarding

Transform your loft space into a store room. Loft boarding is a cost effective way to ensure proper and safe use of your loft space. With a boarded loft you will be able to walk around the loft space with ease and find what you are looking for.
Loft services


The benefits of roof insulation are huge. It will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The savings on your heating bills will be noticeable too, enabling you to recoup the initial expense and more. Further information about insulation can be found at the Kingspan and Cellotex websites.